aw nuts

i did some labels for rocky mountain treats a while ago. they're doing some holiday nut mixes and needed some festive stickers for their bags.

really all the direction i had to go on was the overall size of the labels, the names of the mixes and that they should all be cohesive in some way.

i did grandma's mix first. i really wanted to make a needle point! it's definitely my favorite out of the three. unfortunately i think i used all my creativity on it too. 

the snowflake border was a later addition - a request to make them like more of a series.



dragcon was crazy. so much visual stimulus i died. obviously i did not die. but if i did, or do, at least this happened:

YAAAAAASSS! i met mama ru herself! this was definitely THE highlight of the weekend. but i met a lot of the queens i've watched on the show - and they were all wonderful.

i also had amazing neighbors - stacey lane matthews on one side and boy club founders bobby and kyle on the other. the boy club boys were such a highlight - cute and fun and let me continually slide over to their table for conversation (and to clarify who someone walking by was - sorry i have a bad memory!).










another one bites the dust

etsy has taken down another one of my posters. i totally get it - i am using someone else's copyrighted material to make them - but it sucks! the other one that they took down didn't bother me too much because it was taylor swift and i don't like her anyway (it really only bothered me because it was the least copyrighted lyrical poster that i've ever made - only about 10 lines on the poster contain taylor's music. the rest is romeo and juliet by william shakespeare).

this one bothers me though because it's melanie martinez. this one i did because i'm a big fan. i had so much fun making this poster and everyone who's seen it is so excited - because they're big fans too! i wish there was some way of me getting permission from the record labels to sell these posters. it's not like i'm selling that many - i'm definitely not taking business away from them. at least not any moreso than a lyrics website. how do they get away with it? is it because they're not charging for it?

i don't know, but melanie was only on etsy for about a week before she was unceremoniously booted. in that time she had one sale and over 30 favorites. and people at dragcon freaked out over her poster. dang. this one stings.


as you can see in the screenshot above - in the last week she's my most searched and most active poster by a lot!


man i have churned out a lot of posters in the past few weeks. and just when i thought i was done, one of the greatest artists of all time passes away. i debated for a while doing a poster of prince. i didn't want to feel like i was trying to profit from the death of a beloved icon. but i did want to do something in his honor. and posters are what i do.

i made this poster out of his "hits/b-sides" album. like cher he has way too many words/songs/albums to fit onto one poster. and i wanted to get it done before i went to dragcon (this is the profiting part that i'm a little uneasy about).

i debated printing it in purple. but decided black and white was more universal. i also didn't realize as i was making this, just how much people associate purple with prince. it's kinda crazy.

business cards

i'm getting excited and more stressed for dragcon. i think it's going to be so much fun. but i know it's going to be a lot of work. i'm also stressed because i'm not exactly sure how setup and stuff is going to work. i have a good friend coming down on saturday but setup and the first few hours of dragcon are on friday. i have a friend who lives in la who said he can help but he's not sure what his work schedule is going to be...

anyway i made some business cards to have at my table. i don't have info besides my etsy page to put on there so i made it more about a coupon code that people can use to get posters after the con is over.

because i have no idea how many posters to print v. how many i can sell i'm hoping to run out and make people order online. that's the best case scenario. so i'm offering free shipping. that way it'll be the same cost to them and hopefully i can sell some more.


i've been working really hard making new posters for rupaul's dragcon. i could probably get away with using the posters i already have. but i feel like i'm more likely to attract customers if the posters are related to the event they're attending!

the first one i decided to do was cher. she's the biggest icon. of course i had to make a poster for her. once i started collecting her lyrics i realized that i wouldn't be able to contain it to just one poster. she has almost 40 albums! crazy. so i split up the albums in half and did an older picture with the older music and a more current picture with her newer music. 

the next two that i made were pretty obvious because they were the only drag queens that i could think of that had any music out - besides mama ru of course. the first is adore delano. she was so good on her season - and did such a better job of translating that over to a music career than she did on her last reality show (which is funny because that one was all about music). i did debate making her hair turquoise like it is in the original photo but decided against it.

the other drag queen i posterized is willam. she didn't do quite as well on her season but has become huge since. she was in a girl group with a few other queens and made really funny parody videos of popular songs. kinda the drag queen version of weird al. like adore, she's also released two albums. her music is a little harder to find though. i had to watch a few youtube videos with the captions on to get lyrics to a few songs.

table setup

i'm nervous about this whole dragcon thing. especially picturing what my table is going to look like. so i nerded out with google sketchup and planned it out.

i've got 5 posters that i am printing to bring. after sketching this out i've decided i could fit a sixth - i'm debating between britney and madonna. i also don't know if i have enough time or energy left to make another poster. the little pink tags on each is a statistics section. to show off how many albums, songs and words make up each poster. which is another thing i need to do...


i had to create a logo for the dragcon website. i don't have a logo for my posters - they're just something i do and then put on etsy. it's not a real business...

so i created one. i've been really trying to do more hand lettering - i love the look of it and to me it just seems so real to be able to create stuff with your hands! so that's where i started with this one then brought it in to illustrator.

life's a drag ;)

WHAT?!?! so i got this in the mail about a week ago. i've thought about it all weekend - and i think i'm gonna do it! i'm going to sell my lyrical posters at rupaul's dragcon. i can't decide if this is crazy or not. probably but i'm super excited!

i've got quite a bit of work ahead of me. besides planning the trip part (hotel, flight, rental car and someone to go with me and help out), i want to try and make a few more posters that will be more on theme. i've got a rupaul poster, but want to do some more gay icons and/or drag queens.

luckily right now at work is pretty slow so i can actually work on them during my down time. 

envisioning a bathroom

my little sister and her husband paul are redoing the bathroom in their house in dallas. when i went down over christmas break it was a big hole. paul had just finished pulling out all the tile and walls.

well sydney asked me a little while ago to draw something up for her. she had a lot of ideas of what she wanted in her bathroom but couldn't picture it all together in her space. 

that's where i came in. she sent me all the measurements and what she was looking for and i gave her a 3d view of her future bathroom.

i thought her drawing was pretty good.

it turned out really nice and she was super happy about it. apparently so was paul - she told me he kept pulling out the pictures and saying "look what sydney's sister did." haha.

here's a photo of the bathroom partway done. looks pretty close to what i came up with :) it's fun to see what i 3dified come to life. everything i've done to this point has been a replica of something real or a dream of something that may never happen.


i have a history of making these posters because i am going to or have gone to a concert. this one is no different. adele's new album came out a few months ago (and it's awesome) and her tour is later this year.

i got tickets to this while still at the apple store. funny thing is i was actually working on the floor as i was ordering tickets! i was restoring ipods and so had a computer with me and a lot of downtime while they finished. it was perfect timing. 

one bummer about it though is that i actually had a code in my email and so could've technically gotten tickets the day before. which would have potentially been a lot better seats. but i don't check my email that often - so, sucks for me. i can't be too mad though since i ended up with tickets (if i hadn't i'd be in a corner crying somewhere).

doctor who

i've had a lot of downtime at work. it's strange because all three times i interviewed everyone couldn't stop talking about how i needed to be flexible because i might have to work really long hours. like my last bus into the city is at 9:15 and they said i "should" be done by then. 

recently everyone left at 2pm. because we didn't have any work. i can work with the staying late - i have a bus that runs 'til 9:15. but leaving early i don't know what to do with - my first but into the city is at 4. so that day i just worked. in a giant room by myself. it was weird.

but even if we stay our normal eight hours, there's still not much work. i don't know if it's because i'm still new and so they don't give me much to do? or, more likely, there's just nothing for anyone. this is a very cyclical company - with the launch schedules that they do. so it makes sense that at certain times there would be lots of work and at others little work (i wish during the slow times they would let us work 4 day weeks or something). 

anyway right now is a slow time. so i've been working on posters. the first day i worked on this one, was almost a full eight hours on this poster (and didn't even reach the top of the tardis).

this was a fun project. it's the same overall idea as all my other posters but instead of lyrics it's made up of the synopsis of every episode of doctor who. ever. that's a lot of episodes! but it was fun thinking outside the box of how i was going to make one that's not about music.

in the closet

a few weeks ago i decided to get an ikea wardrobe for my bedroom. my current closet is 2 feet deep and a triangle. it's the worst. i have to use kids hangers for half of it because that's all that will fit.

i went to ikea by myself and got all the pieces. this was my first mistake. i'm a very independent lady but those pieces were huge! the wardrobe is almost 8' tall - so the panels are almost 8' long. i should've stopped when i put them on my cart. that should've been a red flag - almost half of the box was hanging off the edge of the big ikea flat carts. but i pushed forward (and sideways and diagonal - we all know how well those ikea carts go straight).  then i got to my rented suv. the boxes went from the door of the hatchback to sitting on the dashboard. another few inches and i wouldn't have even been able to close the door.

but again, i soldiered on. then i was home. and had to carry these very heavy pieces up to my second floor apartment. i ended up having to take all the pieces out of the boxes and carrying them one by one. when i had my last few pieces in my hand a nice guy walking by with his daughter saw me struggling and offered to help. at this point i didn't need it, but it was really heartening to know that there are still nice people around.

then i put it together. things were slow going but not bad. everybody seems to hate putting together ikea stuff but i actually kind of enjoy it. as a matter of fact i was so into the whole construction project that i didn't realize that i had the wrong size doors until i had one fully attached.

 something is off here...

something is off here...

now, in my defense these doors are exactly half the size of the side panels. so while i may not have read the inventory labels very well, it did make sense as the boxes were stacked that two of the door boxes equals the closet box. this was a whole new mess. i had to rent a car again to return the two small doors and buy two full size ones instead. and carry them all, all over again, by myself.

but now comes the reason this post belongs on here. once i had the wardrobe put together, it felt a little plain. so i found a beautiful henna design online, made it giant and cut it out of contact paper. i loved this idea because it would keep the light and semi reflective surface of the mirrored doors without leaving a giant mirror taking up half my room (i'm not a huge fan of full length mirrors and only bought those specific doors because they were the cheapest).

i really love the way it turned out. it took so much time but it was totally worth it. it still works as a mirror when i need one (now when my roommate bogarts the bathroom in the morning i can do my makeup in my bedroom). i also bought doors for the shorter wardrobe because i knew there was going to be a shelf on the top and it was either going to be hidden or visible. plus this meant i had less trouble getting the new doors in the car and up the stairs!


i went to a melanie martinez concert the other night with some friends and had such a good time! she's so adorable and weird. my ideal person ;

i tried to get tickets a bit ago and they were all sold out but lucky for me i have a friend who works in radio and he ended up getting us in! yay. anyway i've been thinking about making some more of these lyrical posters and why not start with melanie?

jay oh bee

i got a new job! yay!! i'm super excited about it but nervous and sad about leaving my current job. i had finally got a training position at my apple store (current job). i've applied for it 3 times but each time there's been something in my way (i was part time but could only do it if full-time, my full-time status was not yet official, then i was on vacation during the initial training period). but i finally got it. and my partner was going to be great - a girl i don't know extremely well, but someone i've always liked and respected. perfect!

and then out of the blue a recruiter from apple called me again (about a year ago he first got in contact with me. i did some design tests and interviewed at two separate times. then him and i got in a fight because he just never called me back - no feedback, nothing - for about a month). anyway, i ended up doing some design tests and one more interview and then got the job!!

i am on my way home for the holidays and will start doing production design with apple the second week of january. 

i'm so happy to be going back into design as my full-time job. i loved all the people i met through my retail jobs, but i am just not outgoing enough to continue doing that line of work. please give me a computer to hide behind! just kidding. sort of. i'm mostly excited to be doing design stuff again. freelance work is great (and can be super creative) but it's so much work getting work!

one thing i'm nervous about this job is the recruiter. i had originally assumed that once i got the job he was done and i wouldn't have to deal with him anymore. when he offered me the job he told me otherwise. that he was going to be my point of contact and that technically i would be a contractor. ew. this threw a huge wrench in the gears but after debating for a while (and asking everyone i knew for their opinion, and some crying outside of my grocery store), i decided that i was being silly and there was no excuse to not take this job. i think a lot of it was just the fear of change. i didn't like my retail job but i knew what to expect, i loved my coworkers, it was close to home and there were a lot of good benefits. i think i was worried about giving up the good stuff for something new. i don't know if i'll like my new coworkers or if i'll ever even see them. i do know that i'll be commuting for a few hours every day. i don't know if what i'll be working on will even satisfy my design thirst. but none of those things matter because it's happening! and hey, if i absolutely hate it (which i doubt) i think my store would take me back. and if it's not horrible but not great, i think i can at least use it as a stepping stone.

 here's a photo from my clapout from the apple store. it's crazy to have all those people clapping for and looking at me! also it looks like my store leader (top of stairs, right) is crying. i'd like to think i did that ;)

here's a photo from my clapout from the apple store. it's crazy to have all those people clapping for and looking at me! also it looks like my store leader (top of stairs, right) is crying. i'd like to think i did that ;)


i made this poster for my dad for christmas. he's a huge janis joplin fan. he loves that i live 4 blocks from haight-ashbury. i think he thinks i'm cooler now because i live so close to where she did!

anyway - he's got a music themed room at home and has a few pictures of janis there. but none quite this cool. and none made especially for him!

CALmatters poster

i was asked to work on a poster design for CALmatters, a media company, to showcase their publications. the task was simple enough, make some icons that represent all of the CALmatters media assests, while featuring a few of the larger branches.

a zoomed in view of the southern california publications

i used colors from their website to tie this into the brand, plus the teal and green are just a nice combination with the orange in their logo. the client provided all of the images and a list of locations. then i mapped those out, made the icons based on a requested design and added city names.


halloween is my favorite holiday! this year i got a beautiful print at home mask as the main piece to my costume. i love being able to make a cool costume, save some money and be crafty all at the same time.

this is how it started out. i printed it out, stuck it to poster board and then glued on all the colored glitter paper. the design came from - check them out, there are some really amazing designs there! i purchased the halloween pack which meant that i also got a skull, bat and devil mask. i made both the bat and skull masks in my preparation for this one. one of the coolest things is that they encourage you to use found paper - they use a cereal box in the tutorial video. that keeps it low cost and environmentally friendly. perfect!

the dress that i wore for halloween also required that i find some high heels because the dress is slightly too long. i couldn't find any that were cheap enough for me to wear only once or twice that also matched the rest of my outfit. so, crafty me, i decided to glitterize some cheap heels i got at goodwill (for $2.50!). after taping up the parts that shouldn't have glitter, i used regular elmer's glue and dumped the glitter on. after it dried i used a spray sealer to keep the glitter from falling off (too much).

and here is the final! i'm so happy about how it turned out!

rice family apiaries logo

i was presented with an interesting challenge for this logo design. first of all this will be a one-off logo for an existing, well established brand to be used only on bee-hive boxes. second they wanted both a beekeeper and hive in the logo. third they were looking for something sleek, minimalistic, and similar to the picture on the right.

i have to admit, at first i thought they were crazy. a simple drawing of a person and a box that looks like this car? i thought, "never gonna happen." but then i got down to work. i quickly discovered that drawing a beekeeper is tough - little details added in or taken out changes the look so quickly. but eventually i got to what you see below. i think it fits the brief and the client agreed!